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From The Owner, March/2020 -  

We are closed during this pandemic. Be well, Friends.

If you would like to assist in funding this small biz during a time of no-income,

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About Us

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Waxing + Skincare

Waxing + Skincare

Portland's brow artist since 2008.  With a background in design and a splash of obsession, Beth is a dedicated waxer and facialist. She opened The Treatment in 2018 after over a decade waxing (that's over 10,000 brows! 5,000 brazilians)!

New wax clients are welcome through Winter 2020, but a referral is necessary to book as a new client with Beth.  

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Waxing + Skincare

Waxing + Skincare

Waxing + Skincare

A  private + boutique salon, nestled in the hip Mississippi ave. neighborhood of Portland.

By appointment only.

Looking for a speedy brazilian wax, a glowing facial treatment, or eyebrow waxing perfection? 

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Waxing + Skincare


Janelle Johnson Esthetics LLC  can also be found at The Treatment. A coveted Portland Esthetician since 2010. Janelle is a former Esthetician trainer/educator, an excellent waxer, and a passionate facialist. Her warm and genuine personality will make you feel like you've known her for years.
Booking is open for Janelle.

click here to purchase Janelle's skincare line.

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Contact Us

We are a private boutique salon

We love our customers, but walk-ins are not accepted. 

Please schedule online or text your Esthetician for help.

Beth 503-804-0250

Janelle 360-888-6447

The Treatment with Beth Peppe & CO

4039 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97227, United States

Door access code granted upon email confirmation. We are located on the third floor, suite #304. Elevator available.

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Current & Former reviews:

YELP (current)

Google Reviews (current):

"Beth is so sweet and amazing at what she does! I’ve always been someone who feels like they have to wear make up because I’m a redhead with blond facial hair. Beth tinted my eyebrows and eyelashes and it looks so good I’ve been flaunting a naked face and feeling beautiful! Also it smells suspiciously good in there, I need that scent for my house!"

"this is hands down the only place you should get your brows and body waxed in portland. same for facials! beth is a an extremely talented and driven woman. it has been a joy to watch her build her business by herself. the treatment is a beautiful space that beth dreamed up and made come to life.  all the products she offers are top notch and carefully chosen. the services she provides are executed perfectly every. single. time. you will not be let down."

"I have been seeing Janelle for years for all my waxing service needs. No nightmare stories from me!! She is always professional, friendly, and does an amazing job! I'd give her a sixth star if the app would let me."

"Amazing service. The location and the facilities is amazing. Its so comfortable and clean. Beth makes the whole experience great".

"I highly recommend janelle. Ive been going to her for several years. She's quick and fun to talk to".

"Beth is amazing at her work and the sweetest person. I've been seeing her for years and would highly recommend her".

"I found Beth last year after going through another crisis of a bad brow job. Let me tell you that she is now the ONLY one I trust to do my brows. I have never been disappointed and only wish I came across her sooner. Love her work, and her passion for it definitely shows!!!!"

YELP (former) 2016-2018 (at treat llc):

"Beth is amazing. I see her every 6 weeks for brow wax/tint, Brazilian, and 30 minute maintenance facial. I leave feeling refreshed and beautiful. Beth is talented and attends to detail. Beth cares so carefully for my skin. She is kind and beautiful inside and out. She is so good to her clients and remembers details that show she listens and cares about our personal lives. As if that weren't enough, her Brazilian's are quick and relatively painless!"

"I have been seeing Beth for the past 6 years and I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my eyebrows! Not only is Beth an incredible esthetician, but she is also super lovely. I look forward to our monthly dates! She is also a total pro at brazilian waxes and facials. I can't recommend Beth enough!"

"I was fortunate to find Beth through Yelp when I moved to Portland 6 years ago! I searched eyebrows and she came up with high praise! I love love love my time with her and couldn't ask for better experiences each time! My teenage daughter has been getting her brows done by Beth recently as well and she cleans them up beautifully without going overboard"

"Beth Peppe is the brow master! She took my sad midwestern eyebrows and gave them a whole new life. I love her services - including the facials. She knows exactly what I need to keep my skin looking healthy. She has great product recommendations for your skin type and is always fun to talk with. Would recommend her to everyone!"

"I had my brows done by Beth a couple weeks ago and could not be happier. I found out about Treat through Instagram as I desperately searched for a new brow specialist after I found out mine was moving to a different state. I came across Beth's Instagram and immediately scheduled an appointment... I was late for my appointment. Beth was understanding, warm and professional which I really appreciated as I know how much the first client of the day running late can affect your schedule. And, my brows look great! I don't think I have ever gotten so many compliments on them. I'm very happy."

"Beth is amazing and doing eyebrows. I let my eyebrows grow for about 5 months and honestly the best shape they have ever been. She's very nice and understanding I highly recommend her."

"I have not visited this place yet but I have been a loyal customer of Beth for 6+ years! I first met Beth at Urban Waxx and quickly realized I had not only found a awesome and knowledgeable esthetician but a wonderful friend. Beth made me feel at ease each time I would go in for my Brazilian and I was always excited to hear what she had been up to since the last time we had seen each other. Waxing is not always the most pleasant experience but Beths exceptional technique greatly decreased any pain I might have felt. I have since moved to Seattle and for the last 2 years I have been searching for someone even close to Beth but have yet to find anyone! Happy to say I will be heading back to Portland soon and Treat will be the first place I go to get  an exceptional wax and see a great old friend. Go see Beth, your eyebrows will thank you!"

"I have visited Beth for brow waxes on and off for five years... Beth was able to take her time and seemed so happy and relaxed. She even gave my girlfriend a complimentary tint, which looks amazing btw."

"Beth is amazing!!

Not only is she super nice she's super talented. She tames my unibrow just the way I like...every time. Also I must say getting a bikini/Brazilian wax can be intimidating or even embarrassing to bare all to someone other than your significant other but feel at home at treat. There's no awkwardness at all. Make an appointment and treat yo' self."

"I will follow Beth Peppe anywhere... I noticed that now since Beth makes her own schedule, she doesn't have to be rushed and can schedule longer appointments. Also she can now start doing skincare again, which I'm excited about."

"I have been getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped by Beth for close to 2 years and she is the only one I trust with my eyebrows!"

"One of the hardest parts about moving from San Diego was that I couldn't take my brow lady with me. So what does a Persian girl, who has a very difficult time trusting people with the most important structure on her face do? RESEARCH. After probably about 2 months of research and checking her blog (browsbybeth) multiple times, I decided to give Beth a shot with my eyebrows. You have to understand, how important a middle easterner's eyebrows are to her.
Anyways, after meeting Beth. I decided she is now my go to girl. She is consistent. She knows exactly what she is doing. At the beginning of each session she'll make sure she has a sense of what you want to do with your brows, if you wanna keep them thick/thin, reshape them, or just clean them up, etc...
I am moving to Seattle soon, but you bet your butt that i will make a trip down to Portland every six weeks to have Beth take care of my Brows. She is well worth the drive. Thanks BETH :)"

"Beth Peppe has been doing my brow waxes for years. She is great at what she does and is an all around nice person! The space is wonderful, with a Smeg fridge stocked full of refreshments, bowls of candies and lots of fun products to peruse while you wait for your appointment. She books up fast but that's because she's good, get in on it! She also offers really nice facials, too! Treat yo self!"

"I've been going to Beth for years. I won't let anyone else touch my brows. Seriously. She's that good.."

"ITS A TREAT. I dont know how to explain it but basically its a beautiful place. I have gone to beth for a long time but on top of that, you get a spa experience its amazing! Its more than just making you feel good. Go its worth it! Thank you for setting up your business so it comfortable. I am a tomboy who wants to feel like a woman and loved it here, i didnt feel awkward. Thank for making it just perfect. Cant wait to come back!"

YELP (former) 2008-2016 (at urban waxx):

"Beth is a sweetheart and will definitely make your eyebrows look absolutely perfect!"

"I would have to say that Beth might be the best brow aesthetician I have ever seen. She knows how to make my sparse semi-over-plucked brows look beautifully shaped and groomed. Love her!"

"My eyebrows went from looking like a messy haystack to a pair of nicely shaped, dare I say beautiful, set of brows."

"Beth was recommended to me for my brows. She was absolutely incredible! I have never had so many compliments on my eyebrows in my life. I have been back every four weeks since. "

"I had a great experience. It was my first time doing anything to my eyebrows and Beth really listened to me and my expectations. I would definitely recommend this place, and I'll go there again!"

"I decided it was time to make an appointment for a Brazilian wax. Truthfully, regardless of the good reviews I anticipated a certain amount of pain. However, not only did Beth assure me that all would be fine....she really delivered! It was not remotely anywhere as painful as I'd imagined. So much so...I will see her again in 5 weeks!!! This was a great first time experience!"

"Beth Peppe has been waxing my eyebrows for 3 years and I couldn't speak more highly of her work. She always does a wonderful job, taking her time and listening carefully to how I prefer my brows to look, which is a rarity based on my past experiences...  Brows are serious business for me and Beth is so talented at perfecting them!"

" I used to *hate* my brows because hair just kind of grows sporadically wherever it wants, but Beth did an amazing job of shaping them and I regularly get compliments on their "natural shape," even from guys. Quick and painless."

"I've been looking for someone to wax my brows the way I want for a while now and am so shocked that I finally found one!! I'm so particular about my eyebrows which made it difficult to find someone to do it well. And I really didn't believe I would really find someone who could do bushy eyebrows well as I've had really bad experiences in the past. I've tried other places that had great yelp reviews but came out disappointed so I was not expecting much. I don't care about having wine in the waiting room, or how cute the place is, or how nice they are. I just wanted someone to do a good job on my difficult brows! And I just found her!! Beth actually did a great job!!"

"I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time since moving to Portland. The whole experience was a breeze- after making an appointment online, I went in the next day to see Beth. According to their website, she is the brow guru, and she did not disappoint. I was treated by the receptionist with a beverage of choice, and barely had enough time to browse through their cute candle merchandise when I was called into the room by Beth. The waxing was done while I was laying on the table listening to soothing music and having small conversation, and before I knew it, my brows were perfectly done. They have not looked this good for a long time. Although it is on the pricier side it is totally worth it. I will be back to see Beth soon!"

"Beth calmed my nerves immediately during my first appointment...Beth is incredible."

"A little more expensive than I would like to pay, but given the fact that Beth is The Brow Goddess (and the complimentary glass of wine), the trip has definitley been worth working into my monthly budget."

"BETH did an incredible job!!  I highly recommend her!"

"Beth is a brow shaping goddess and is such a sweetheart.  I can tell she really enjoys what she does and likes where she works.  It's always a pleasure to chat with her when I am in for a brow waxing.  I've been in a few times and have always been happy with my shape and the service."

"Beth is one of the reasons why this place is so well-rated. She did a great job on my brows and they turned out exactly how I imagined. Clean, groomed, well-arched and everything intact that should be! I was very pleased and will definitely be back to see Beth the next time my brows get out of control!"

"I've been to other places and have left looking scared (where'd the brows go??) but Beth took me in, made sure I was relaxed and even told me it was ok to take a nap on the table.  15 short painless minutes later, I left with some awesome looking brows!! Definitely worth the money, she even gave me advice on where to pluck, where to leave the hairs alone!  Thank you!"

"Beth did my eyebrows perfectly"

"So the important part, the waxing was fabulous! It had been a few months since I had waxed before and I was expecting the absolute worst and it was so easy.  I really didn't believe it was "virtually painless" as some people wrote on here.  But seriously, it was so easy, and QUICK. Beth kept the conversation going the whole time which kept me from focusing on actually being waxed.  When it was finished I set up a future appointment and called my friends to tell them the unthinkable: I just had the most fantastic wax."

"She talked to me the whole time and has amazing technique. It was a million times less painful than my previous wax."

"I had my first Brazilian with Beth and have been going to see her ever since! She is so wonderful and makes you feel completely comfortable. The first time did hurt, but she was quick and kept me distracted by chatting. I just had my fourth Brazilian today and it barely hurts anymore! I even look forward to going there to catch up with her! The atmosphere is wonderful and everyone is incredibly nice. The space is also very clean. 10 stars in my book!!!!!"

"Beth is amazing - I am very picky and self-conscious of my brows and Beth does a great job. Great shaping and she's always very pleasant."

Google & City Search reviews (former):

"I've been going to Beth for my eyebrows for two years now, and she consistently does a great job. I've gotten bikini area waxes too, which have also been well-executed (they're too spendy for me to do all the time, but I believe it's the going rate for a top-quality wax). She does a great job of making her clients feel comfortable. "

"I only see Beth for my Brazilians and she always does an AMAZING job."

""I <3 Beth! She works magic on brows, and is super sweet!"

"Beth is completely awesome and talented..."

"Beth is a doll I can understand why she does so well, she is the greatest, she did the best job.."

"I honestly got the best brazilian wax ever! I've had nothing but perfect waxes from Beth and no stray hairs! Thank you!"

"At first I jumped around to different people and I must say, everyone I saw did a great job but there was just something about Beth's attention to detail that I've never actually experienced while gettting waxed before. She's friendly, quick, painless, and my brows are always perfect!"

"I'm a hairstylist at a nearby salon and I don't hesitate to send all my clients Beth's way.."

"Let me tell you, the results of my eyebrow wax are the best I've ever seen, and I thought my "best" waxer previous to Beth was amazing. Now, Beth is my absolute favorite waxer in the entire world. :) She is so great at making me feel calm and she is so precise with every single hair- just how I like it. And if you are worried about pain - that's not even a thing to think about. You hardly feel a thing. The wax even itself is amazing and is truly top-notch."

"I was lucky enough to be waxed by Beth, a sweet and calming gal who made me feel at ease immediately."

"I wait for the pain, and it never comes! Thank you Beth! – I see Beth regularly for brazilians and every time I wait for the "painful part", but it never comes! Before I know it she's all done and cleaning up the loose ends - she's meticulous, and I've yet to come home and find a stray hair. Her friendly and relaxing demeanor takes any awkwardness out of the situation.."

Janelle (former Urban Waxx):

"I came here for my first Brazilian wax! The woman who waxed me, Janelle, made things so comfortable for me. Getting your first Brazilian is scary and they are really understanding of that.
I'll be coming here for all my waxing needs!!"

"I've been to several different places to get my eyebrows waxed and this by far was the best place I've gone to! Janelle really cared about how my eyebrows were shaped and took the time to see what I wanted as well! I feel like will be coming back here every time".

"I have been waxing forever and have some scary stories, but that was not the case today! Went to see Janelle and she is amazing! She's super friendly and made me feel so comfortable, beings his was the first time I'd met her, I expected myself to be a little uneasy, but within 5 minutes I was totally comfortable. She's really quick and makes the whole waxing virtually painless. Five stars for the whole experience from booking online, to getting my glass of wine upon checking-in with the super sweet receptionist, to the wax I will be telling everyone I know about! Love Janelle!"

"I met Janelle, the young woman who was lucky enough to get to see me full spread eagle and endure my first Brazilian wax *insert much sarcasm*! I knew right then I was going to be just fine! Sweetest girl ever and made me feel oh so comfortable in what might be the most uncomfortable position I've ever been in. I was told they use hard wax and couldn't have been more thrilled. No wax strips involved! I got nakey from the waist down and boy oh boy did we become friends fast. Did it hurt? Oh hell yes. But so worth it!!! She was quick and efficient and got the job done!"

Janelle (former Urban Waxx):

"Janelle was exceptional! I was super nervous about my Brazilian appointment mostly because of a bad experience previously at another place. Janelle made me feel comfortable and kept a great conversation going. She was awesome and quick. It was definitely less painful, I will definitely be going back!"

"Janelle was friendly and very efficient, while still being thorough. I would highly recommend her and will be going back!"

"Janelle is awesome!! She is friendly, careful and always very professional. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else."

"Great energy!! Super clean!!! I had Janelle who was so welcoming, it was like chatting with a girlfriend. Super engaging and made sure your experience brings you back again and again!!!"

" Janelle did my Brazilian and it literally took exactly 7 minutes, my appointment was at 3 and finished at 3:07. SUPER fast and she's super sweet and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely recommend Janelle 100%!"

"I've been going here for some time now. Every time I see janelle, I must say I LOVE HER!! She does a great job every time she does my eyebrows. I highly recommend her! She will always ask what you want with your eyebrows before she starts, I absolutely love her!! She does an amazing job!!!"


About Us

Cancellation Policy

We get it, life happens. We do hope that a 48 hour-ahead email reminder, and a 24 hour-ahead text reminder do help you to remember your appointment. But in the event you do forget, there will be a cancellation fee: 

50% of the service(s) booked. 

(Venmo or credit card payment must be submitted before re-booking). 

Our time is valuable and we sure hope you understand. Thank You!